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Coalitions & Foundations

We provide coalitions and foundations with coaching, tools, and resources to help them reach goals in areas such as:

  • Improving patient outcomes and experiences
  • Increasing efficiency of business processes
  • Improving quality and utilization metrics
  • Optimizing financial outcomes

These mission-driven organizations support community groups, health institutions, and others to accomplish goals in areas such as medical research, healthcare delivery, and healthcare reform. They often have limited internal resources to dedicate to health information technology initiatives, which is why they look to our team of consultants to fill gaps in staffing and expertise for such initiatives. Our consultants share our knowledge by working with and training client staff in order to help reduce overall project costs.

Success Story

Our consultants worked with a coalition of community clinics to plan and implement a technical services organization structure.

This allowed for centralized support for practice management, electronic health records, and financial applications, as well as general IT operational support.