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Diane Vrenios

Senior Consultant

Diane Vrenios possesses 30 years of leadership experience as an information technology manager and consultant for both public and private healthcare agencies. At Qualis Health, she is responsible for analysis, process redesign, deployment, oversight, and support of complex data system projects. This includes serving as the project manager for several Medicaid consulting projects.

Before joining our team, Ms. Vrenios was a consultant for William H. Mercer, supporting health plans, managed care organizations, and Medicaid agencies. She directed data warehouse initiatives, developed reporting packages, and conducted systems reviews for compliance with Medicaid regulations.

Ms. Vrenios also held managerial and project management positions with Arizona's Office of Behavioral Health Applications and the Texas Department of Mental Health. These experiences helped build her expertise in selecting, installing, and managing new health information systems, particularly those involving behavioral health and Medicaid.

Ms. Vrenios earned a bachelor of arts degree from St. Olaf College.