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Best Practice Training & Tools

We work with each of our clients to assess their needs, and then develop a package that meets their goals and fits their budget. We share our knowledge and expertise through training and tools such as:

  • Access to online resources, including best practice guides and informational tools
  • Educational webinars
  • Telephonic coaching
  • Onsite workshops and hourly consulting

Many healthcare organizations want to improve their use of health information technology, yet lack the financial resources to engage comprehensive consulting services. We believe this shouldn't be a barrier to selecting, implementing, or optimizing a system. Therefore, we have developed curriculums and tools that require little guidance or oversight.

Our approach gives clients access to an array of seasoned consultants who are experienced in all aspects of health IT planning and implementation—and at a cost that is specifically tailored to each client. This allows them to minimize costs while still achieving their goals.

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