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Assessments & Tactical Plans

Qualis Health helps our clients identify problems that impact their business and clinical performance by completing a thorough assessment of their existing operational processes, information, and technology. The type of assessment we conduct is dependent on the client and their goals, but typically involves one of the following:

  • IT Operations Assessment: This evaluates the effectiveness and suitability of the client's IT environment to ascertain if the system configuration, support processes, organizational capabilities, technology architecture, and management tools meet the client's business and clinical needs.
  • Meaningful Use Assessment: This provides an objective-by-objective look at areas such as e-prescribing and clinical summaries to determine the positioning of the client's electronic health record for achieving meaningful use.
  • Optimization and Efficiency Assessment: This prepares realistic recommendations for clients for improving system configuration, implementation approach, business processes, technology, and tools to maximize their IT investment.

The creation of an IT tactical plan addresses specific problem areas that are identified through an assessment. Our consultants' tactical plans detail the goals, timelines, risks, risk management approach, communication approach, dependencies, assumptions, and other project management specifics that either we or the client will take to overcome specific problems.

We also prepare tactical plans to assist clients in deploying existing initiatives, including implementation plans for organizational IT strategies. Tactical plans can serve as a bridge to a client's overall IT strategic plan.

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